More About Our Dependable Pet Boarding

Many dog owners don’t consider pet boarding & daycare services as an option for their pets because they consider that their companion will be safer and feel better at home. But, is it really so? If you are a person that works pretty much the entire day, your dog ends up spending a lot of time home alone. If you are absent from home for a long time, Shaggy Chic Pet Grooming will make your furry friend feel at home in our boarding units. Our team is located in Pooler, GA.

We maintain our specialized dog kennels clean and comfortable for dogs of any breed. They have an individual, designated area for each canine. Many pet parents prefer to keep their dogs separated from others because they’re aggressive, small, or meek animals. This is not a problem for us. All of our team members have been properly trained to play with dogs, groom them, and even check them for fleas, and trim their claws. We’re diligent and nutty about food and medication and comply with our clients’ checklists. After you fill in a form and let our staff know about any specs of your canine friend, we will know whether or not to organize any group games or keep it separated from the other dogs in the kennel.

With our professional pet boarding services, your furry friend will be supervised all the time. So, basically, it doesn’t matter if you leave it with us for one day or a week. We offer a kind of a canine daycare center for all dog breeds. Your pet will be fed, groomed, and checked for any health issues, too. But that’s not everything! Our dog kennels are a great place for socialization, as well. Your pet will be taught to play and interact with other canines to make it a friendly and gentle dog.

With Shaggy Chic Pet Grooming, you don’t have to worry about your four-legged friend. Our professional pet sitters will take care of it in your absence. Our service provider is in Pooler, GA and you may reach our team at (912) 748-1118.

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